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If you've landed on this page, chances are you are looking for a change. Let us answer your questions and get started on achieving your goals.

We welcome every person who walks through our doors, whatever their fitness level. Our highly skilled and certified CrossFit trainers are here to offer you personalized fitness training in an environment that is friendly and fun.



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Join a class- we provide a FREE trial class. NO matter what fitness level, our coaches will meet you where you’re at and make you feel at home! Most importantly, you’ll be introduced to the Four Rivers culture.



After the initial, free trial class, you'll start the CF101 program. Our CF101 Program is 3 ONE hour training sessions set up at your convenience AND a CF class along side a coach, once these sessions are completed. The cost for CF101 is $100. Over the course of the CF101 program the 9 foundational CrossFit movements will be covered, as well as a number of other standard movements. Emphasis will be placed on correct and safe movement patterns and scaling options.